The Astros are Mic’d up and unscripted. First up: Bud Norris.

Just when you think you know everything there is to know about someone, you find out that you’ve barely scratched the surface.

I mean, until recently, I had no idea what Bud Norris does to pass the time during games, on days he’s not starting. Turns out, he does plenty. He eats sunflower seeds. He chats up teammates. He gives virtual high-fives from the dugout when one of his mates does something spectacular on the field.

He also discusses movies, swats at bugs and reveals details about his sister’s pending engagement.

Now, all of these fun details can be viewed, dissected and discussed while watching on your laptop or smart phone. The Astros have put together a series of light, funny videos titled “Mic’d Up,” where they record a player’s every move, unscripted and unfiltered (although edited later for content, of course), and lay it all out there for public consumption.

Not everyone can simultaneously chat with a teammate AND swat mosquitoes. So sneaky, that Bud Norris.

Norris’s was the first video released by the club, but you can expect many more. On deck: J.D. Martinez, Carlos Lee and Chris Johnson.


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Wonderful – great fun!

Love this! Can’t wait to see the others.

Good stuff Alyson! Norris is just too funny! Can you say ADHD!

That would be Hunter.

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