Astros lineup 5/18 vs. Rangers. Roof closed. First pitch 7:05 p.m. CT


Millsy… I’m starting to like you again. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

We are going to get K I L L E D tonight, Satuday and Sunday. You can take THAT to the bank!

Oh yeah—-negativity is definitely the way to go!! Good thing you aren’t really an Astro’s fan!

C’mon Becky. Where’s the love for our Stros?

Wait. What? Mills is using the same lineup (with different catcher)? Are you sure you have today’s and not last nights? Maybe Luhnow filled this out, certainly Mills did not.

You’re right Pep! can’t believe I missed that. Hey Becky, wandy at home is money in the bank. Go back to Dallas, stay on your bandwagon.

49 years ago today my dad took me to my first MLB game. Colts &Phillies. I still have the ticket stubs and my Colt 45 souvenir bat. Written on the back of one ticket simply says “Bruce” & “Colts beat Phillirs.”

Sorry folks, but it is what it is. The Rangers OWN us, and not too much we can do about it. They won tonight……..I told you.

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