Astros lineup 5/19 vs. Rangers. First pitch 6:15 p.m. CT. Roof closed.


I think it’s time to sit JD… he has no idea what to do at the plate right now.

What does sitting do? If he’s not going to play here and figure it out, he needs to go down and play every day in OC to figure it out. One way or the other he needs to play everyday.

Two weeks in Oklahoma could save his career.

What good does it do to send him to OKC to figure it out? He plays everyday here, in Houston and can’t seem to figure it out. Do they have better coaches in OKC?

What can he figure out @ OKC, playing everyday that he can’t figure out in Houston, playing everyday? Are there better coaches in OKC?

Justin “Whiff-O-Matic” Maxwell hitting third? Has Mills lost his bleepin’ mind? Yes, yes he has.

Thank goodness you’re not the manager😐

Send JD to triple A and let him work out the kinks.

Send JD to triple A to work out the kinks and get back on track.

I’m currently chewing my words……the kids CAN hang with the big boys!

What good does it do to go to OKC? Huh, how many young players come to MLB hit a bad streak and go down the triple A where there is less pressure and figure it out? Tons, sometimes a change of scenery and the humility of being out of the majors can do wonders. It may be something that could help him.

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