“Look at the Lens!” The Regulators make video debut.

While perhaps it’s true the Regulators haven’t quite reached rock star status, they’ve carved out quite a niche for themselves here in Houston, and more specifically, at Minute Maid Park.

“Regulators” is the nickname for the Astros bullpen. Brett Myers came up with it a while back and began referencing the name in his tweets,  and just like that, the name caught on.

The Regulators, all eight of them — Brett Myers, Wilton Lopez, Wesley Wright, Brandon Lyon, Fernando Rodriguez, Enerio Del Rosario, Rhiner Cruz, Fernando Abad — took part in the video shoot that will run during the television broadcasts on FS Houston.

Producer Wave Robinson coordinated the session in a room near the Astros’ clubhouse and in the process of receiving 100 percent participation, captured the pitchers having quite a bit of fun. They followed directions pretty well, all things considered, even if they had to be reminded more than a couple of times to “LOOK AT THE LENS.”

In this video, you will notice Myers accessorized his Astros uniform with snake-skin boots. That’s almost as entertaining as watching Abad and Lopez react to seeing themselves on the TV monitor. (You know the fans who sit behind home plate on their cell phones and wave to whomever is watching at home? Kind of like that).

Enjoy the behind-the-scenes view of today’s video shoot:

Part of the shoot included the pitchers looking down at the floor…

…and slowly lifting up to look straight into the camera.

Myers added some spice to his uniform with snake-skin boots.

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I think that is sooooo cool. I can’t wait to see it!
Thanks, Bob Droubi

Keep it up Regulators; boost that trade value!

Something tells me that Kenny Powers would love to be in a video like this.

I hope Myers and Lee keep playing well so that we can trade them for some good prospects.

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Should’ve sold Myers to Korea instead of Sosa! Biggest jerk in the league!

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Regulators? This was a joke, right? I saw where the Indians yesterday told Regulator Myers to mount up and ride out of town.

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