View from inside the clubhouse: Check out these throwback uniforms!

Some may argue that the 1970s were wonderfully tacky, with leisure suits, bell bottoms and disco ruling the roost.

In Houston, the 1970s represented a very important time for the local baseball team. It was the decade, after all, that the Astros introduced the infamous rainbow uniforms.

While perhaps they’re not as classically pleasing to the eye as, say, the shooting star jerseys, these uniforms will live on in the hearts of minds of Astros fans who remember a time when the rainbow design was uniquely Houston, and all the rage.

The Astros will wear the 1970s version of the rainbow unis tonight. Here’s a sneak peek from inside the clubhouse, via catcher Jason Castro:






I smell the 80’s…LOVE it!

Those pants are awesome!!


I have a authentic jersey from this era, and I will treasure it always!

No number in a circle on the back? Fie!

Bring them back please

A slim fit Castro T- shirt for a more stylish look. Uniforms

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