Astros lineup 6/12 at Giants. First pitch 9:15 p.m. CT


And Wallace is not playing why? Is Mills up to his sos with him? What else does the young man have to do. Luhnow?

because it is bumgarner on the mound and he is a lefty

I feel the same way Pepper. He has been one of our hottest hitter and we just had a day off. Wallace doesnt need a day off. Plus Downs is batting a whopping .162 with a .215 OBP.

LHP. Mills has proven he doesn’t like to start Wallace against lefties.

Because he’s the club’s hottest hitter and Downs owns lefties to the tune of a .103 batting average. Try to keep up.

Downs is playing Bummer !

Anybody but me see that this lineup was on the wrong day?
TODAY is Wed. June 13.

Well Wallace has to stay in to face all types of piching so that he can master it. Brad needs to show more confidence in Wallace. He will be a great player, and great players have to face great pichers.

Is Alyson ok??? No updates since white sox series.

Sorry, giants series

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