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Forgettable day at Busch. Hats off to Torii Hunter.

Random thoughts…

I don’t know Torii Hunter, and obviously, I was not out in Anaheim when the news of Nick Adenhart’s tragic death was broken to the team. But as someone who understands the inner-workings of a baseball team, I’d like to make an observation: Hunter defines leadership. While his teammates were gripped with mind-numbing devastation in the hours after learning of Adenhart’s death, Hunter was everywhere — on T.V., radio, newspapers, web sites. He became the sole spokesman, player-wise, allowing his mourning teammates to stay out of the public eye.

Yes, the Angels held a formal press conference, which was attended by their GM, manager and Adehart’s agent. But from a player standpoint, Torii Hunter did exactly what a true leader and a great teammate does — he took over the burden that inevitably accompanies such a tragic, public story. That burden was his and his only, by his own design. Good for him, good for the Angels, and good for baseball.


Roy Oswalt and Brandon Backe were up at the crack of dawn on Friday — 6 a.m., to be exact — to go to Oswalt’s nearby ranch for some early morning hunting. I can’t imagine anything worse than getting up at 6 a.m. to drive two hours to see a couple of turkeys and not actually shoot anything, but hey, to each his own.


For now, Doug Brocail is not going on the disabled list, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if that changes in the next day or two. He has a rotator cuff strain and it’s hard for me to believe he’ll be back to normal in three or four days. They can’t play a reliever short for that long, and there’s no harm in bringing up Alberto Arias, who had a good enough Spring Training to make the club — if there was room in the ‘pen, which there was not. Now there might be.


I’m not even going to address Saturday’s game. The score says enough.